Vowed Companionship

We Want You!

The Companions of Mary the Apostle are growing up through various circles of Companionship. Each circle has a particular commitment and focus. We’re excited that the network is growing. The network is growing from a hearth tended by members living in community, under vows. The other circles are growing, but we need the hearth.

Elizabeth and Shane are living in community, sharing goods and celibate life, seeking conversion of life through poverty, chastity, and obedience. Our life is joyful and intense. In short, we throw in our lives together for the sake of knowing God. We get to work to build the kingdom of God, to share our joy with others and watch it grow. We get to pour out our lives for the healing of the world.

This is not about personal affinity. We want to know God in Christ enough to risk our lives.

Is God challenging you to risk all?
Joining us means uncertainty and financial insecurity. We don’t have an endowment, and you wont be able to earn a living for several years (if ever!). You don’t know whether you’ll like us or we you; whether you can stand the schedule, or the food, or the constant negotiation involved in living with others; whether you can stand being evaluated and hearing truth about yourself. We aren’t recognized by any denomination or church, so your commitment is simply to God.

Is God drawing you into a mysterious intimacy?
We live full-out, conscious and aware, aiming at transformation of ourselves and the world. We pray together five times a day, including daily Eucharist, and structure our days to ensure deep private prayer.

Is God in this moment of history calling you to be a witness to more?
We strive to live simply, to know what is enough. We have the freedom, through simplicity of life, to perform ministry that uses our gifts and delights us rather than just taking a job to pay the bills. We get the joy of really learning that financial security is not the key to happiness. We find joy and meaning in celibate life, opening our hearts to deeper and wider relationship.

Is God opening you to deeper life through community making?
We support one another through hard times, and challenge one another to be our best. We give up the illusion of autonomy and self-sufficiency and submit our lives and ministries to the consultation and discernment of others. We commit to putting community life before family, friends, and other possibilities when they conflict with our primary commitment to prayer and worship. In turn, we get the deepest love of our lives: the love of God, of Jesus, love from companions, and the chance to return all those loves.

Do you dare?
Be prepared to be challenged in your beliefs and your way of doing things. Be prepared to stretch and grow, to be polished into the gleaming gem of God’s love that is already present in you.

We are open to all genders, all varieties of Christians.

Is this your path? Do you think it might be?

Write us!