Upcoming Retreats and Events


Holy Listening: A retreat with Sr. Elizabeth
March 20-23,
Holy Cross Monastery,
West Park NY
Space is very limited!

“Encountering Mary Magdalene”
May 4-6, 2018
Trinity Retreat Center, West Cornwall CT

Mary Magdalene is one of the most powerful and controversial figures in the history of Christianity.  She has been labeled a prostitute, and also Jesus’ follower and close companion. With the discovery of extra-canonical materials such as the Gospel of Mary, another Mary emerges: one in whom we witness the battles over the roles of women in the early movement centered on Jesus.

In this retreat we will look at the images and stories about Mary Magdalene and encounter her as a disciple and apostle, but also seek to better understand the spiritual and psychological energy that gathers around her. Through the legends of Mary Magdalene we will explore issues of erotic energy and the sacred, and deep inclusiveness in Christian community.

This retreat is co-led by Shane Phelan CMA and the Rev. Daniel Simons.

Rooms are double occupancy, $50/night.

To register, go to Trinity Retreat Center

Women’s AA/Alanon Retreat

“Practicing These Principles”
June 1-3
Wisdom House, E. Litchfield CT

Our 12th Step tells us to “practice these principles in all our affairs.” But what exactly are those principles? How do we practice them? What does that new life look like?

In this retreat we will explore the principles and their possibilities in our lives. Wherever you are in your Step work, the principles are available to you for practice!

We will have meeting time each day and time for silent reflection and journaling as well as private conversation.

Fee varies by room: to see fees and to register, go to Wisdom House Retreats

Scholarships are available from the Joan Sheldon Scholarship Fund.