Upcoming Retreats and Events


Blessed Mary: Virgin. Mother. Apostle.
God-bearer? Crone? Wise One?
Led by Sr. Shane with the Rev. Daniel Simons
May 10-12, Trinity Retreat Center, West Cornwall, CT

Mary has occupied a central place in the Christian imagination, but that place has been hotly contested and has many faces. We have barely begun to explore the expanse of meaning she offers to us. Mary’s experience and Mary’s qualities are windows into our own potential as well as an avenue to God. Come get to know Mary as a sister, as one of us. Come explore your own virginity, your own fertility, your own message and wisdom and place in the body of Christ. Let it be with you according to God’s word.

To register, go to Trinity Retreat Center

Women’s AA/Al Anon Retreat: “Saved by Slogans”
Led by Sr. Shane
May 31-June 2
Wisdom House, Litchfield CT

One of the distinctive features of the recovery fellowships is our many slogans. Slogans give us something easy to remember in those hard times we all face: “Keep it simple.” “Easy Does It.” “Let go and let God.” There are so many! And they can literally save us.

Join us for shared reflection, discussion, quiet time, and
meditation. Come be renewed in this beautiful space.
Registration is open, go to Wisdom House Retreats