Community News – September 2018

Fall is here! The temperature is up and down, and the “program year” has begun. August was lovely, with time off to explore the coast of Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as well as read and prepare retreats. Shadow enjoyed the company of two Holy Cross brothers during that time.

Now we’re back, refreshed and ready to go.
Last weekend we led a retreat on Christ Sophia at Holy Cross Monastery. The group was wonderful, and we all got a lot from it. Now Elizabeth heads back to Berkeley Divinity School to offer spiritual direction, and Shane begins her fall round of retreats with a retreat for couples in recovery at Incarnation Camp in Connecticut. We often do retreats that aren’t listed here or on our website, if a parish group or other self-contained group ask to work with us. So when you see blocks of time with no retreats listed, that’s what up. We’d love to invite you to everything, but we can’t.

Annie and Dario are both in transition – Dario as a new school year begins, and Annie as her CPE residency ended and she recovers from knee replacement surgery.

Our covenant group took August off, and returns this week. We’re pleased to be welcoming some new members, as we’ve decided to open the group every six months rather than once a year. They continue to delight us with their desire to live intentionally and in community.

Our Board is engaged in strategic planning, looking at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to be. It’s a tricky thing, trying to plan while being led by the Spirit! We are learning as we go, grateful for the experience and expertise of those surrounding us.

Whatever you are up to, may you be blessed with the awareness of God’s presence before, behind, above, below, and within you. Pray for us, and for the whole Body of Christ.