Community News – October 2018

October finds us bursting with news of some changes for the Companions.
This month we wholeheartedly welcome Ernesto Medina as a Candidate for Covenant Companionship. Ernesto is a long time priest who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. We are delighted that Kaitlin Reese of Omaha and Emilie Trautman of New Paltz are joining the Covenant Group this month, also.

At the Companionary we have an addition to the household with Susan Ahlstrom joining us for much of each week. Susan is a Reiki Master and is now completing certification in the Emotional Freedom Technique. She shares her time between West Park and New Haven, where she works for a nonprofit organization that works with and for people experiencing homelessness. It is a joy to have her as part of the community for awhile.
Our prayer life continues to call us to the Spirit’s action in us and through our ministries. Shane participated in an Enneagram retreat at Holy Cross Monastery with Michelle Meech, has spent a good chunk of time preparing for retreats and to be part of the faculty at the Mastery Foundation School for Leadership in Newry, Ireland in early November. She continues to enjoy her work as a spiritual director.

Elizabeth participated in an “Undoing Racism” Workshop in Kingston, NY, and continues that work with an ongoing group. She followed that with a two day stay at a hermitage. She spends a good amount of time providing spiritual direction at the Companionary, at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, and preparing for upcoming retreats.