Community News – November 2018

What a month! Where to start?

Shane was supposed to lead a group at the end of October. She got sick the first night. God is good – Elizabeth was home, willing, and able to lead them with grace and ease. That let Shane recover for a few days before going to Northern Ireland for the School for Leadership annual 5-Day workshop (actually 8 days, with travel and preparations on site). She returned and led a recovery retreat a week later. She is now getting a few days of quiet! Next month will be quieter.

Elizabeth had a quieter month, after stepping in. She went to Yale for her monthly sojourn, but otherwise tended the hearth while Shane was away.

Susan had just gotten settled here when her tenants left and she needed to move back to Connecticut. We are sad to see her go, but continue to be in touch. We’re holding some things for ransom . . . The up side is that our guest room is available again.

We have an aspirant visiting, discerning whether to enter as a residential member. We are excited, and aware that we never know the whole plan. Please pray for her and for us.

Further afield, we now have three people in Omaha NE – a chapter waiting to form! We are making plans to visit and talk about how they can be a local community as well as part of our extended online family. You never know where seeds will blow to . . .

Dario is finishing another busy semester. Annie is recovering from knee surgery. Ernesto is making Advent plans and learning about Companion life. He is active with foster families in Nebraska, and who knows what else?

We give thanks for all that God is giving us to do and be.