Community News – November 2017

We have now had several events at the new Companionary. On November 4 we hosted a “refresher day” for graduates of the Making A Difference workshop. Then the next day we held an open house for friends of all stripes. We’ve had several people stay for retreats this month, and we’re pleased to see the new space getting some use. Of course we are hoping that we will outgrow this space, as others feel called to the vowed life.

Our two covenant groups ended this month, as we begin a new process for learning and sharing covenant life. Some people are continuing on, and others are stepping away, but all of them remain in our hearts. We have learned a lot from these past years, and we pray that that learning will benefit new and continuing Companions alike.

Dario has produced a booklet to introduce people to the Companions, with a history and our charism and covenant as well as a description of the threads of Companionship and the process of finding your place in the weave. We hope to have that available for groups who’d like to know more, especially as we get ready to launch a new covenant group cycle in February.

If you are interested in being part of that group, which will meet once a month on line for a year, email us anytime at