Community News – May 2019

Spring has sprung! It’s time to pray outside, to be up and out early and late.

Shane and Elizabeth spent Holy Week at Trinity Retreat Center in Connecticut. They joined in liturgies and reflections led by Daniel Simons, and offered a Saturday meditation exercise. The Vigil was held at 5 a.m. on Sunday, so we had a chance to really dwell in the in-between of Saturday.

Elizabeth has been on the road, first at Yale for direction and then on her annual retreat at Eastern Point Retreat Center in Massachusetts. Shane has been busy preparing for “the Mary retreat.”

The Covenant Companions celebrated Easter in their respective ways and places. It was Ernesto’s first Holy Week in an ELCA parish, and Annie’s first at her new work at St. Mary’s. Ernesto prepared by going on a “retreat” cruise with clergy friends. Annie, we think, had another plan.

We are now seven on our regular Covenant Companion calls, and learning more about each other. With so many people, the real struggle is to find a time to meet! It’s a nice problem.

As always, please pray for us to listen for what God is up to with us and among us, and to follow with open hearts and minds. Thank you for your support!