Community News – June 2019

May has been full, and glorious. We were back-to-back at Trinity Retreat Center: Elizabeth led a retreat for the Missioners of the Diocese of Connecticut, and then attended Shane’s Mary Retreat. She is enjoying a more evenly paced schedule with gratitude and breathing a bit of a sigh of relief! Shane is looking forward to that ease, after a retreat she will lead this weekend. We have both been supplying at some of our favorite local churches this month as well.

Shane went to Albany in support of bills for farmworkers’ rights. Farmworkers are not covered by the same protections and rights granted to other workers in the U.S., a legacy from slavery that is due to end. The food pantry is closed for the summer, so she has a bit more time to read and garden.

Annie attended a training entitled “Understanding and Responding to Complicated Mourning” as part of her chaplaincy work. As she said, “great stuff.”

Dario has finished the semester, and will spend the summer on grants past and proposed. In the meantime he continues to play music. You can read about his passion in the UN-Omaha newsletter: Professors who Play. He’s been making videos of his guitar work, but we won’t embarrass him here.

Ernesto continues his ministry in Beatriz, NE, and his work on behalf of children in the foster home system.

Diane completed an icon of St. Mary Magdalene that will be blessed during the Companions’ summer retreat. She also became the guardian of an unaccompanied minor recently arrived from Central America who attends the local high school.

Lauren is settling into her new job in New York City, and is participating in LGBTQ diversity efforts there.

We are preparing for the July Companions’ retreat, when we all gather for five days.