Community News – May 2018

May is full of flowers, rain, and retreats. Shane led a wonderful group on a Mary Magdalene retreat at Trinity Retreat Center in CT. The Center has recently reopened, and the community there is blossoming. We look forward to being there more in the future, both as retreat leaders and as guests. Thanks to you all for your hospitality, and to the participants for their open sharing.

Next up was Making A Difference, which is becoming an annual event at Holy Cross. Shane and Elizabeth both worked to make this happen, and once again we reaped the benefits of being in the room with 26 other amazing people. Many of our local friends came to the workshop, so we have a gradually developing community of “graduates” with access to the tools offered by the workshop.

Now we’re recovering, in different ways. Shane is preparing to lead a recovery retreat, and Elizabeth is heading out for her annual 8-day silent retreat in Massachusetts. But we are also making some time to paint the sweet little room off the basement (thanks, Cathy!) and go to a movie. If it ever stops raining, some gardening is in our future. We’ve been learning about the previous tenants as we watch daffodils, peonies, iris, and wildflowers take their turns showing off.

Our Covenant Group is rolling along, becoming a real group. Our Covenant Companions text their shared prayers each day, and we two join in the thread. Other group members share with prayer partners in various ways. We are learning more about how to use online technology to foster deep connection. We’re making plans for our annual group retreat in July, looking forward to being together in person.

Blessings to you and on you and through you this month. Let us know if you’re going to be nearby – we’d love to see you!