Community News – June 2018

With June we begin to turn toward summer rhythm. Shane led an AA/Al-Anon retreat in Connecticut, and then officiated at the wedding of two wonderful women. Now we are looking toward the annual Companions’ retreat in July, when our Covenant Companions and Covenant Group members join us to connect and reflect.

We are also reading, preparing for the fall round of retreats. We do many retreats that are not advertised here, because they are offered to a specific group such as a parish. The fall is busy and full. The fun of the summer includes the time and spaciousness for the reading and thinking that lead to what happens in the group.

AND we residential Companions have more time and space to just enjoy the beauty of the season and this place that we are blessed to live. Morning walks with the bunnies and deer–and Shadow the Cat. We witness glorious sunrises over the Hudson and are practicing a more measured pace in hopes that some of it will take root to inform our busier times. Pray that we may gain the wisdom we need around this!

Dario is visiting family and friends in Italy. Shane is gone this last week for her annual 8-day retreat. Elizabeth and Shane went with Susan Mangam to celebrate Brother Don Bisson’s golden jubilee of profession as a Marist brother. We give thanks for him and his ministry!

Blessings to you and on you and through you this month. Let us know if you’re going to be nearby – we’d love to see you!