Community News – July 2017

Vowed Members
It’s been a powerful month, but much of that has been inward spiritual growth and clarity. The biggest news concerns our discernment about place. We have had some wonderful conversations and invitations to go elsewhere, but we got really clear that we already have a community growing up around us here and this is where we need to stay. So we are taking another run at buying a property. This time, ducks in a row! Banks, pre-approvals, process. We don’t have a particular place in our sights yet, but we are looking. We’re excited to realize that although our vision of what community should look like is not manifesting yet, something real and powerful is growing.

Shane’s annual retreat was simply amazing, as she wrote in her blog. She spent the first part of July re-entering and processing what showed up there. Then we moved toward celebrating Mary Magdalene Day on the 22. 15 people came for Eucharist and potluck. Once again we had rain, though not the high temperatures of last year, so we were comfortable in the house. It was glorious, joyous, hilarious.

Elizabeth had a week of vacation visiting old friends in New York City, and she has been doing some supply work, in Tuxedo Park and Cornwall NY. Shane’s turn comes in August.

Covenant Companions
Dario has been getting a little time off in Rocky Mountain National Park and more local open spaces. He will join us here for a week in August, and we are looking forward to that!

Covenant Groups
Our groups continue. We meet monthly, and share prayers through the month. We are always looking for how to live the covenant more fully and deeply in our different contexts.

Please pray for all our circles and their ministries.

Blessings on you and your ministry, wherever it may be.