Community News – January 2019

Another full month. Elizabeth and Shane rang in the new year at Holy Cross Monastery with the annual 12-Step retreat. Then they led the brothers in reflections on the feminine face of God, as part of their annual retreat. Then we had the annual winter retreat at the Companionary. Five blessed days of silence, hiking, reflection. This retreat always opens a new door into the coming year, into what is emerging among the Companions as well as what is emerging in each of us.

The next thing emerging is in Omaha, Nebraska. Who’d have thought of that? Crazy God. We have two Covenant Companions and a Covenant Group member there, and they want to explore how to deepen as a local community. So next week Elizabeth and Shane will brave the winter skies for four days of conversation and connection.

The covenant group members who began last March are in the process of discerning their future with the Companions, seeing where they fit and what they can commit to. So we are in conversation with each of them over these next two weeks. Please pray for clarity for each of them, and for us. It’s been an amazing year with them.