Community News – February 2019

Some sort of spring is approaching. The tree branches are filling up, the first bluebirds are back (crazy birds!), the light is longer. The orchids are in bloom on the windowsill.

We began the month in Omaha, where Elizabeth and Shane met with Ernesto, Dario, and Kaity to explore beginning a local group. We attended services and led a forum at St. Martha’s Episcopal Church, where Ernesto is retiring at the end of this month. In March he begins another chapter as interim pastor at St. John Lutheran Church in Beatrice, NE.

Annie has moved to Maryland and begun two jobs, one as a grief counselor with a hospice service and another as a lay pastoral assistant in areas of formation and congregational development.

Dario has been serving as chair of a search committee at work, and now he will be the head of the search committee at St. Martha’s. So our Covenant Companions continue to be busy. In the meantime, we stay in touch and pray for one another daily.

Elizabeth led the junior class at Berkeley Divinity School in their spring retreat, and then returned the next week for her usual stint of spiritual direction. She is training as a coach for the School for Leadership. Shane is preparing for retreats coming up this spring. She joined the Board of Trustees of the Mastery Foundation for their annual meeting, but managed to do it via Zoom this year – less wonderful bonding time, but a good use of resources this year.

The covenant group continues to evolve. Two members will become Candidates for Covenant Companionship, and four will continue on with the monthly group. We are in conversation with others about joining the group, and learning how to incorporate new people into an ongoing group.