Community News – February 2018

February was full and lovely. We had lots to keep us busy!
We both spent Ash Wednesday in service: Elizabeth led a retreat for the students at Berkeley Divinity School, and Shane gave out ashes and prayers at the Ulster Community College Food Pantry. We each continue our regular ministry with those communities.

Together we led a retreat at Holy Cross, sponsored by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Teaneck, NJ. We reflected on the “armor of God,” and left with a “rule” of practices to strengthen our spiritual lives and a community of support and accountability. Thanks to St. Mark’s for sponsoring this, and inviting us to open it up to others!

In the meantime, Shane flew to San Francisco over President’s Day weekend for the annual Board meeting of the Mastery Foundation. This was her first year on the Board, and she came home inspired and exhausted by the travel. She continues to volunteer with Mastery’s School for Leadership and the Making A Difference workshop, to be offered in Phoenix and West Park this spring.

Otherwise we saw individuals for direction, worshipped and prayed together, and lived our lives. Spring is arriving, temperatures have come up, and walking is again delightful. The first snowdrops are out! The sun is up before Matins! Long underwear is in the drawer – at least for today.

Be well, enjoy the light!