Community News – Christmas 2018

Community News

Elizabeth and Shane have just returned from 16 days at Christ Church Cathedral in Cincinnati, where we preached and taught as their Advent Theologians in Residence. Our theme was “Exodus and Advent,” exploring the dynamics of going out (ex-odos) and coming to (ad-vent) in the history of Israel, in the life of Jesus and the Trinity, and in our human/divine lives. Thank you to all who made our time there rich and rewarding. We found ourselves experiencing “the wilderness” of being in a strange place, out of normal time and place, and we received the gifts of the wilderness – seeing things anew, seeing new things, depending on strangers, and the joy of returning home.

Dario returns to Italy to spend Christmas with his parents. We are grateful for online technology that enables us to speak and worship wherever we are (we shared Vespers in the chapel in Cincinnati, and we shared Christmas greetings).

Christmas here is simple, especially since we’ve been away. We took the opportunity to focus entirely on the Incarnation, rather than gifts or plans. Beautiful antiphons, a few flowers, candles and hymns and a few friends. All is calm, all is bright.