Community News – August 2017

What a month!  Where do we start?
Dario came out here for five days of prayer, planning, and retreat.  We had a wonderful time together, whether in Bible sharing, reflection on the charism and covenant, or just cooking and cleaning up together.  We shared music that matters to us, and “adventures” that took us beyond our usual left-brain ways of being.
At the end of that time we formally received Dario’s first annual commitment as a Covenant Companion.  He has been a Candidate for the past year, and we all agreed that he is ready to commit himself.  He is free to make his commitment annually, or to eventually decide on longer periods.
As part of our work together, we took a good look at our structure, our “circles.”  We will be making some real changes in the circles (now “strands,”) and in our pathways to companionship.  Stay tuned for details.
But now the big news:
We found a house to rent.
Yes, rent.  We were turned down for a loan again, since our credit history as a community is still too brief.  We started looking for larger houses to rent.
The bigger news:
 It is right down the lane from our former house in West Park.
The Episcopal church next door to Holy Cross has a lovely house down the lane from our old house.  We have eyed that house before, but the time wasn’t right.  The day after we heard from the bank, an ad popped up for this place.
It’s a big leap in rent, but the past year has convinced us to take the risk.  We will have two guest rooms (until someone comes to join us!).  We will be able to offer quiet days again, and overflow guests can stay at the monastery. 
We move in early September.  Please pray for stamina for us, and give thanks for the many friends who will assist.  And pray that our faith will be justified, that we can make this work financially.
Blessings on you and your ministry, wherever it may be.