Community News – April 2018

Of course April began with Easter. We joined in at the sunrise Vigil at Christ the King in Stone Ridge NY. Our chapel has been full of flowers, and our fireplace-cum-tomb has been blooming as well. Outside, our daffodils are finally opening, the trees are unfurling, and the green blade riseth.

Our new groups and Companions are thriving. We welcomed Janet Blair and Annie Hall as Covenant Companion Candidates, our first “reception” service done online. We will gather in person in July, but we are grateful for this means of connecting. The five of us (Dario, Elizabeth, Annie, Janet, and myself) gather each week for reading, reflection, and sharing, and we text one another prayers each day. It’s wonderful to have these gifted and loving people sharing their lives with us. The Covenant Group is a delight. They too are praying for one another and bringing their best to our meetings. Please pray for all of them: Elizabeth, Shane, Dario, Annie, Janet, Cathy, Chris, Diane, Ernesto, Joy, Lauren, and Meredith.

Elizabeth went to Scottsdale AZ for a week with the Mastery Foundation. She led the production team for the Making A Difference workshop there, and she graduated from the School for Leadership. As always, when one of us is gone the one left at home feels the loss more – both Shadow and Shane rejoiced when she returned!

Now all is preparation – for the retreats coming up, for the Making A Difference workshop to be held at Holy Cross in May, for – oh, you’ll have to wait for later newsletters! But in the midst of it, the turkeys and the bluebirds and robins and flickers and the rabbits and chipmunks and squirrels are back. We are able to be outside more, and shake off the winter.

May the scent of new life come to you wherever you are, whatever your circumstances this month. Christ is risen, in the midst of it all!