Community News – June 2017

Vowed Members
Shane and Elizabeth each led retreats this month, Elizabeth’s with Paul Kimmerling, our Board president. Thanks to the participants who made these events powerful, and to the staff at Wisdom House and Holy Cross Monastery.

Now we’re in summer. We have no retreats until the fall, no big engagements other than our own annual retreats. But we have some big things in the fall, and the space to read and talk and pray and prepare them.

Last January we named this as the year of spaciousness, in which we would learn to slow down and deepen our lives. We’re finally getting there! We’re reading and pondering, and having the sorts of conversations that create new insights and possibilities.
One of the places we do that is at Coffee Table Communion. Each Friday a small and dedicated group show up for reflection and worship and community. At some point we realized we are church for one another, a precious part of the mystical body of Christ. We will have that throughout the summer, and we’d love to see you there.

Covenant Companions
Dario is part of a team leading a pilot project on inclusive language at his church, St. Martha’s Episcopal Church in Omaha NE. We look forward to news of this initiative.

Covenant Groups
Our groups continue. We meet monthly, and share prayers through the month. We are always looking for how to live the covenant more fully and deeply in our different contexts.