Our Community Covenant

As Companions of Mary the Apostle, we commit ourselves to Christ and to one another.   Whether bound by vows or by covenanted commitment, we stand together for these values and practices.

We hold three loves to be the heart of this commitment.   These flow from God’s love calling us.

We covenant with one another to express our values in the following ways:

1. Love of God, expressed in worship, prayer and continual conversion of life.

We open to continual conversion, growing into the full stature of Christ, seeking the reign of God, and claiming the promise of abundant life. Such conversion is a gift from God, and we prepare ourselves to receive it through prayer, worship, and devotional practices.  With God’s grace we are enabled to see and serve Christ in one another and in all we meet. We strive to relinquish our hold on people, places and things, putting our trust in God alone.

We commit to daily personal prayer, on a schedule determined by the individual.

We commit to regular Sabbath times and time for retreat and reflection.

We commit to being in regular spiritual direction.

We commit to regular, life-long formation time: study, self-care, exercise, recreation, appropriate medical attention, reconciliation, and mission to the world.

We commit to hospitality to all within and beyond the community, welcoming all as Christ and seeing God in one another.

We commit to the practice of humility.  We will not flee from correction or teaching, nor will we hide our gifts.

II. Love of creation, expressed in lives of simplicity and stewardship. 

We make decisions about our use of our resources in the light of the Gospel’s call to be a healing presence in the world and to “store up treasures in heaven.”  This is not a denial or rejection of God’s earthly gifts.  It places those gifts in their proper perspective.

We commit to daily gratitude for the gifts we receive, both physical and spiritual.

We commit to sufficiency, to knowing what is enough for our ministry and daily life. 

We commit to considering the consequences for the world in our choices about what to eat, what to wear, what to use.  We are mindful that the least expensive option may not be the best stewardship.

We commit to challenging the exploitation of others that makes so many products affordable to us and to adjust our consumption to reflect this commitment.

We commit to proper maintenance of all we use.

We commit to stewardship of ourselves, our time, our bodies, our minds and souls.            

III. Love of one another, honoring Christ in all our relationships.

We hold love for others to be a window into God’s love.  We see incarnation as a gift, and acknowledge our sexuality as holy.   For those called to it, celibacy is a gift from God rather than a deprivation, a doorway into deeper relationships of loving and being loved.  Those of us in sexual relationships endeavor to honor our beloved with body, mind, and heart. 

We commit to building trusting, respectful relationships through practicing prophetic obedience.  We covenant to listen for the will of God speaking through one another, and to build a community in which we can speak and hear truth in love.   We commit to building the Companions community in order to further the Gospel.

We commit to mutual accountability about our spiritual practices.

We commit to a monthly gathering time, either in person or via technology.

We commit to an annual in-person gathering of at least five days.

We commit to regular financial contributions to CMA for the purpose of developing ministry capacity, formation, and continuing education for all members.

We commit to regular service to other circles of the Companions, as we are able.

In all of these areas, we will occasionally fall short.  We commit to acknowledging when we have failed, and to seeking reconciliation and renewal.

With God’s help, and by God’s grace we will keep this covenant.