About Us

The Companions of Mary the Apostle are an emerging community rooted in the Episcopal Church, spilling beyond its borders.  At this time residential community is limited to women, but we invite men as well as women to join us as Companions of CMA.Our mission is to help women and men to experience the presence of God through a common life of prayer, worship, study, and service.

We do this by:

a)  supporting the spiritual journeys of all people;

b) fostering the use of inclusive, diverse language and images of God in worship and prayer;

c)  supporting women as leaders within and beyond the Church.

Through shared prayer and worship, through retreats and spiritual direction, through writing, and in any other ways that God calls us, we aim to bring the Gospel to a new world.

We are currently living on the grounds of Holy Cross Monastery, a men’s community based at West Park, New York.  We look forward to outgrowing our current space!